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Leaders want to trim cost of plaza updates

With all options on table, project could cost $3.7 million.

- By Nancy Bowman Contributi­ng Writer Contact this contributi­ng writer at nancykburr@aol. com.

TROY — Miami County commission­ers said they want to spend around $3 million for a Courthouse Plaza update and explored ways to reduce costs from a more expensive proposal.

Consultant­s from Garmann-Miller Architects and Engineers spent Friday with commission­ers going page by page through proposed project plans.

Earlier in the week, those updated plans were outlined for commission­ers, who were told the project could cost $3.5 million to $3.7 million, if all options were included.

The project would be paid for using county reserves.

“I like the $3 million. I don’t like over $3 million,” said Commission President Greg Simmons, adding he was “a little apprehensi­ve” to see estimates heading toward $4 million.

The other two commission­ers agreed. “I’d say $3 million is the direction we want to be,” said Commission­er Jack Evans.

Among proposed changes for the area near the 1880s county Courthouse and the 1970s Safety Building to its east in downtown Troy were replacing two fountains located between the buildings with one larger fountain in front of the courthouse and removing small steps and deteriorat­ing paver bricks identified as tripping hazards between the two buildings.

The proposed project includes new lighting, concrete walkways, bricks reflecting the colors/patterns of floors inside the courthouse, landscapin­g and a relocated county police memorial. The project also would include undergroun­d work such as repairing a tunnel between buildings and filling in other tunnels built with the courthouse.

During the detailed review, commission­ers agreed to eliminate a $167,000 snow melt system proposed under main sidewalks.

Commission­ers agreed to hold public meetings on the plans in the afternoon and evening Feb. 20. The times and locations were being finalized.

After those meetings, the final plans and a bid schedule will be addressed.

The possibilit­y of beginning work yet this year and finishing in 2020 also was discussed.

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