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Systems functional after malware attack


Akron expects all publicly accessible digital and online systems to be up and running in the wake of a malware attack on the city’s network in late January.

The city’s 3-1-1 informatio­n line, online bill pay systems in all department­s and city email are fully functional, city spokeswoma­n Ellen Lander-Nischt said.

Those system were voluntaril­y taken offline to prevent the malware from infecting other areas of the city’s network. Gov. Mike DeWine deployed an Ohio National Guard cyber security team to assist.

“The criminal investigat­ion is still ongoing and we don’t have any new details to share on that aspect at this point,” Lander-Nischt stated.

The malware attack was first noticed the week of Jan. 21, when IT employees detected suspicious activity on the network and notified police. The malware targeted the city’s accounts to steal money. When the network’s cyber security system prevented the theft of money, the hackers unsuccessf­ully tried to coerce the city to pay to have the system unlocked, the city reported

The city’s systems were shut down to protect the infrastruc­ture. The city has been working with state and federal authoritie­s to mitigate

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