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Mabel’s Missives

- By These articles are reprints from decades-old Decatur Daily Democrat pages. They were discovered and copied as originally printed by local historian and author, Mabel R. Miller.

(15 July 1908)

SANTA CLAUS WAY Clinton Switzer, a well-known young man living east of Geneva, awoke a few mornings ago to find himself the owner of a handsome and valuable driving horse. That he was surprised goes without saying, and more so when he discovered attached to the horse’s mane a note which said: Don’t be surprised to find this horse. It is a gift from us to show a small part of our appreciati­on for your brave act in saving the life of our little son.

Don’t try to find us to return the gift or thank us, for when you discover the horse we will be on our way abroad. The note was signed by Mr. and Mrs. Miller. Slowly it dawned on

Clinton’s memory what it meant.

About two years ago, while a carnival company was holding forth in Geneva, and during the week, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, who lived in Ohio, went there for a few days visit. At the G. R. & I, depot one day their little son, about two years old, toddled under a train just as it started to pull out. Switzer was standing near and by a brave effort succeeded in drawing the child from beneath the iron wheels. His act caused some excitement and talk for a time, but Clinton had almost forgotten the incident until reminded of it by the note. A few days ago Mr. Miller visited Geneva, purchased the horse from Arnold, the liveryman, and that night took the animal to the Switzer farm and put it in the barn in regular Santa Clause style.

A strange coincident is the fact that recently young Switzer was at Portland and bought a twenty-five cent whip. securing a chance on a buggy. and was lucky enough to win the rig. Now he owns a horse and buggy and is happy. of course.

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