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40k for Fleetwood


Rome was not built in a day, but rather brick by brick over time. For Fleetwood RV, the plant has completed their 40,000th motorhome since they, along with American Coach, joined REV group in 2008. The Vice President and Decatur General Manager Alan Farash and REV Recreation Group President Michael Lanciotti gathered with their employees to celebrate the accomplish­ment, showering gratitude onto the people that made everything possible.

“This is an incredible milestone and very exciting day for everyone at our company,” said Farash “Over the past 15 years, we’ve led the way in building motorhomes known for their dependabil­ity, durability and usability. You only reach a milestone like this through quality people building quality products, and that’s exactly what we have at REV Recreation Group, Inc.”

The milestone comes as the RV industry is beginning to face challenges, related both to competitio­n for employees and the current market for motorhomes. The duo both responded to the hurdles facing the business.

“What we are finding out is that you have to be careful about your run rates, you have to be careful,” said Lanciotti. “You have to be careful about what you are building. You have to build things the customers like. The dealers continue to buy products that move on their lot. We are fortunate that the product is moving on our lot. We are more of a high-end product, so we don’t feel as much as the lower end. For us, we have a different buyer who has a different economic status who can still afford to buy something they see that is nice and has good name-quality like Fleetwood.”

“One of the things that is important to us is valuing our people,” stated Farash when asked about competitio­n for employees in Adams County. “We have been dealing with that for a few years already. I think Fleetwood is a staple in the community and we are one of the largest employers. Not only do we have competitiv­e wages, but we are all about developing careers. We help those who want to have a career and not just a job, so we are very focused on developing skills and moving people up through the organizati­on.”

The 40,000th motorhome was a 2023 Fleetwood Bounder. Fleetwood will soon be celebratin­g its 75th anniversar­y as a company and they have been producing this specific product, the Bounder, for 37 years according to Farash.

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