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Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis's recent assault on teaching Black History echoes that of many white parents at school board meetings. They aim to deprive our youth of a credible US History course that most students want. Additional­ly, they apparently don't care at all about their negative impact on the social- emotional growth and academic achievemen­ts of Black students.

Other issues important to youth that also get inadequate responses from most congressio­nal Republican­s, particular­ly Cathy McMorris Rodgers, include:

Human- caused global warming that will most impact our youth;

Mass school shootings, where even banning assault weapons and high- capacity magazines would greatly reduce fatalities;

Reproducti­ve freedom that most affects the future of our female youth.

One issue that Republican­s express a shared concern with youth but their votes don't show it is the rising national debt. They correctly point out that our youth will be most negatively impacted, yet neither George W. Bush nor Donald Trump paid for their lavish tax cuts for the rich. In contrast, Democrats recently funded the Inflation Reduction Act by taxing the rich, and the deficit has been reduced under President Joe Biden. (Note: National debt is the sum of all past federal deficits, minus surpluses. In the last 50 years surpluses occurred only in 1999 and 2000 under Democratic President Bill Clinton.)

Our youth's future would benefit greatly if the rich and large corporatio­ns were paying their fair share in taxes to offset spending, as Democrats advocate, but Republican­s always oppose.

Norm Luther

2322 E. Cedarwood Court

Spokane, WA 99223

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