Design an Ad (Yuma Sun) : 2019-04-24

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1. D4 4 Ads Designed By kids! Newspapers in Education The Newspapers in Education program provides newspapers to local classrooms for use by teachers and students to enhance their learning experience and increase student awareness about their community and the world. • Children who can’t read proficient­ly by 4th grade are in danger of being on the high school dropout track. • The world economy demands a more educated workforce and grade level reading proficienc­y is the key to this. • The NIE program helps students develop critical thinking skills, concern for public issues and shows real-world scenarios in daily lessons. • Newspapers go home to help complete homework assignment­s and to share with families. Newspapers are Living Textbooks Your Source for Classroom & Family Projects Adopt a Classroom Find informatio­n on a variety of subjects including: • Language Arts & Literacy • Social Studies & Government • Science, Technology, Engineerin­g & Math (STEM) • Art & Music • ESL & Spanish bilingual • Financial Literacy • First Amendment • Journalism • Media Literacy • Sports • Life Skills • Careers • Bullying • Online Safety • Nutrition • Health & Fitness • Safety and more! Students who read the news do better in school Adopt a class & sponsor delivery of weekly newspapers or electronic news access • Articles from newspapers give facts about current affairs which may not be found in textbooks. • Students learn new or unfamiliar words, expression­s and spelling which add to their vocabulary. • Newspapers educate both the youth and adults on various issues. • The youth are educated on social, political and economic issues when they read articles in the newspapers. • When students read newspapers, it helps develop their style of writing. • In studies, newspapers in the classroom have improved student’s critical thinking skills. Download FREE activity guides at Call (928) 539-6800 to sponsor a classroom TEACHERS! Call (928) 539-6900 to sign up for newspapers in your classroom.

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