Design an Ad (Yuma Sun) : 2019-04-24

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1. D6 6 Ads Designed By kids! General wish list materials for Yuma at r eoaf sacrhto ols cAonrttrTi­beuatcihne­gr sscfhrooom­ls Fourth Avenue Jr. High Castle Dome Middle School Ron WaJtasno nP le School Woodard Jr. High CentenJnos­iahl School SoEmlaeinr­teo ool Harvest Prep Academy Art Classes: 3rAKdan a 4tSGhhia 5tWYhe David Cullison, Kayla Cox, ◊ Copy paper ◊ Children’s blunt tip scissors for right- and left- handed students ◊ Pointed-tip scissors ◊ Watercolor paper ◊ Colored chalk ◊ Large erasers ◊ Ticonderog­a Tri-write Laddie pencils without erasers ◊ Pencils ◊ Colored pencils ◊ Erasers (pink pearls) ◊ Sharpies (fine and ultra fine) ◊ Skinny markers (Crayola brand, classic colors) ◊ Markers ◊ Glue sticks ◊ Gallons of glue for refills ◊ White cardstock ◊ Drawing paper hMilipdodt, Shellie Springborn, CMhiadvdel­ze, RneMsuidrr­delceciSoc­nh, rnGearn FMdeleaix: na Rnaendgen , eGnnnrnaea CeLra: u Czanilao, Jane Cruz, esGednrdai­oadneeLr: a rRsoatntig­an, Felix, d Jerry Facistol, Name: Lizabeth ????? Name: Kei Shane Mosqueda Sugi Grade: 8th Grade: 5th School: Somerton Middle School School: Harvest Preparator­y Academy Teacher: Ms. Elaine Teacher: Ms. Rattigan 889 E. 32nd Street (928) 344-1170 889 E. 32nd Street (928) 344-1170

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