Your Morn­ing Rou­tine

Im­ple­ment a morn­ing makeover so get­ting out of bed will be a lit­tle less rough.

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Bring some joy to your a.m.


Does your alarm sound like an air-raid siren? No won­der you hate morn­ings. “That type of alarm will en­gage your fight-or­flight adren­a­line sys­tem,” says Dar­ria Long Gille­spie, M.D., an emer­gency de­part­ment physi­cian in At­lanta and au­thor of Mom Hacks. Trans­la­tion? Stress. In­stead, re­place that an­noy­ing alarm with some­thing more pleas­ant like na­ture sounds or sooth­ing mu­sic.


Do­ing a stretch first thing can put your body—and mind—in a good place. Try a wide-kneed child’s pose, sug­gests Jes­sica Bellofatto, founder and di­rec­tor of JBYoga and SUP in the Hamp­tons, New York. Start by kneel­ing on the floor with your knees wide and big toes to­gether. Slowly sit back onto your heels. As you walk your arms for­ward, lower your torso be­tween your legs. Ex­tend your arms as far as you com­fort­ably can while keep­ing your hips back and down. Stay here as long as you’d like.


Whether it’s a phrase of grat­i­tude or some­thing like “I’m ex­cited for what the day will bring,” a mantra can help set a pos­i­tive mood for your whole day. “Your brain is wired to no­tice the neg­a­tive first—it’s an evo­lu­tion­ary holdover from when our an­ces­tors had to wake up and watch out for bears and tigers,” says Long Gille­spie. Write your mantra on a Post-it note and put it some­where that you’ll see it first thing, like your bath­room mir­ror or phone-charging sta­tion.


Bright day­light re­sets your body clock and shuts down the re­lease of mela­tonin. Bonus? “Not only does it make you more en­er­gized in the mo­ment, you’ll also have an eas­ier time fall­ing asleep at night,” says Long Gille­spie. While it’s best to step out­side, open­ing the blinds works, too, es­pe­cially when it’s cold out.

the prob­lemYou dread get­ting out of bed ev­ery morn­ing be­cause of what lies ahead: fin­ger pricks, medicine dos­ing, and other di­a­betes-care tasks.the re­makeTry these re­lax­ing habits to trans­form your morn­ings from stress­ful to sooth­ing. Skip the an­noy­ing alarm and use an app to wake to sooth­ing sounds or mu­sic.

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