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Repli­carz Art Ar­fons’ Green Mon­ster Land Speed Racer

1:18 | $250

Art Ar­fons is a leg­end in the world of land speed rac­ing. In the 1960s, Ar­fons bat­tled with Craig Breedlove for the record for the fastest hu­man on wheels on the bill­board-smooth ex­panse of the Bon­neville Salt Flats. To hit the speeds nec­es­sary to be com­pet­i­tive, he needed cut­ting-edge power: the Gen­eral Elec­tric J79 tur­bo­jet out of a F-104 Starfighte­r, com­plete with its four-stage af­ter­burner—ca­pa­ble of more than 16,000 pounds of thrust. The ve­hi­cle he built to house it was nick­named “The Green Mon­ster.” It was es­sen­tially a jet en­gine with wheels and a pod on the side for hold­ing Ar­fons him­self dur­ing his se­ries of land speed record at­tempts. He would set and re­set the record three times dur­ing those two years, ul­ti­mately reach­ing an av­er­age speed over the fly­ing mile of 576mph. Repli­carz has re-cre­ated the famed Green Mon­ster in ex­act de­tail in 1:18 as part of its ex­clu­sive Land Speed Cars. Con­struc­tion is resin with high-def­i­ni­tion mold­ing and pre­ci­sion graph­ics for the paint scheme as well as spon­sor­ship de­cals from Fire­stone, STP, Cham­pion, and Al­coa. The air­foil on top and the huge tur­bine inlet make this thing look al­most too fan­tas­tic to be real, but real it was—and so are its speed records.

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