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We’ve been fans of the Mo­tor­head Minia­tures brand of scale fig­urines for a long time. What started as a bit of a nov­elty—a few themed fig­ures to ac­com­pany diecast dis­plays—has grown into huge ar­ray com­pris­ing sev­eral gen­res and mul­ti­ple scales, plus a se­lec­tion of ac­ces­sories to out­fit vir­tu­ally any type of pre­sen­ta­tion or dio­rama. The lat­est is a line called “Tire Brigade.” This line was in­tro­duced si­mul­ta­ne­ously in 1:18 and 1:24; the larger scale comes in sets of two, while the

1:24s come in sets of three. As has be­come the cus­tom with the com­pany’s fig­ure sets, each one is made up of dif­fer­ent com­bi­na­tions of six orig­i­nal char­ac­ters, each des­ig­nated by name. Dif­fer­ent com­bi­na­tions also fea­ture dif­fer­ent paint schemes, giv­ing col­lec­tors mul­ti­ple op­tions to out­fit their dis­plays.

One of the things we ap­pre­ci­ate about this new set is the “hu­man” char­ac­ter of the fea­tures, and Mo­tor­head Minia­tures ex­plained to us why that is. This set marks a re­turn to us­ing hand-sculpted fig­ures. Some re­cent sets have em­ployed com­puter-aided de­sign and 3D-print­ing tech­nolo­gies which, while ex­tremely pre­cise, felt less per­sonal. The com­pany ul­ti­mately de­cided that hav­ing their mas­ters sculpted by hand yielded a warmer feel to the char­ac­ters. Isn’t it fas­ci­nat­ing that even in this era of pow­er­ful com­puter tools that some pro­cesses still need that hu­man touch?

The six char­ac­ters that make up the Tire Brigade are Gary, Andie, Michele, Derek, Val, and Meg. Andie kneels on an un­mounted au­to­mo­tive tire; she has a thumb hooked on her belt loop, and she holds a shop rag in her other hand. Derek is tak­ing a lunch break, hold­ing a sand­wich in one hand and an ope­nend wrench in the other, while sit­ting on a tire mounted on a 5-spoke al­loy wheel. The bearded Gary holds a tire with an un­usual solid rim in one hand and a wrench in the other, and the pock­ets of his over­alls have a cou­ple more wrenches and a pair of vise grips vis­i­ble. Meg car­ries a mo­tor­cy­cle tire and a hub wrench. Michele kneels on an un­mounted rear tire for a mo­tor­cy­cle, and she holds a cord­less im­pact wrench; her out­fit and footwear do seem slightly less prac­ti­cal than that of some of the other Brigade mem­bers. Val play­fully leans through the cen­ter of a truck tire, wear­ing a pair of slacks and a crazy set of plat­form heels. And there are tool sets in red or blue in both scales. Mo­tor­head Minia­tures is tak­ing pre­orders now for all Tire Brigade sets.

Gary and Andie in 1:18 (No. 767)Michele and Derek in 1:18 (No. 768)Val and Gary in 1:18 (No. 769)Derek and Meg in 1:18 (No. 770)Michele and Meg in 1:18 (No. 771)Val and Andie in 1:18 (No. 772)Derek, Andie, and Michele in 1:24 (No. 773) Val, Meg, and Gary in 1:24 (No. 774)Meg, Gary, and Michele in 1:24 (No. 775) Val, Andie, and Derek in 1:24 (No. 776)Red Tool Set in 1:18 (No. 189)Blue Tool Set in 1:18 (No. 190)

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