MPC Mack Heavy Haul­ing DM 800 1:25 | $40

Die Cast X - - 50 -

Auto World bills this one as “king of the high­way haulers,” and MPC def­i­nitely gave it the royal treat­ment in the de­tail depart­ment. The DM 800 is a clas­sic; in pro­duc­tion for more than 20 years. It was the ba­sis for many of Mack’s in­dus­trial ap­pli­ca­tions, such as dump beds and tow rigs, as well as the trac­tor of choice for re­ally heavy loads, where its ex­tra strength was essen­tial to get­ting the job done. MPC goes all out with this one. There is a hy­per­de­tailed Maxi­dyne 865 tur­bocharged diesel V-8—a real clas­sic, and its 325hp was in­dus­try-lead­ing in the 1960s when the DM 800 was launched.

And you get to see it in all its vin­tage glory be­cause the kit has a func­tional but­ter­fly hood and the fend­ers swing up and away for ex­tra ac­cess—very cool! The front wheels have func­tional steer­ing too, which will be espe­cially use­ful in pos­ing the trac­tor with the trailer hooked up. In­cluded are 10 de­tailed Goodyear tires molded in soft vinyl, plus lots of plated parts for the 5th wheel, fuel tanks, mir­rors, and bumper. MPC doesn’t give a spe­cific parts count, but we’d es­ti­mate a cou­ple hun­dred—molded in black, white, chrome, and clear parts. As a re­sult, MPC rates it at skill level 3, so you’ll want to have some ex­pe­ri­ence to build up to this big boy. The kit comes in stylish vin­tage pack­ag­ing, be­fit­ting this truck’s clas­sic sta­tus.

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