With a Name Like… MD6250 Ro­tary Blast­hole Drill

Die Cast X - - 14 -

1:50 | $307

Diecast Masters had our at­ten­tion at “Blast­hole Drill.” It keeps our at­ten­tion with its usual dizzy­ing de­tail on these mas­sive Cat-li­censed pieces of con­struc­tion equip­ment. The MD6250 is em­ployed in mines and quar­ries to drill holes in which to set ex­plo­sive charges. The list of func­tional pieces is as long as the drill mast on this mon­ster. The mast and drill pipe ex­tend and re­tract, and the lev­el­ing jacks move, as do the lad­ders and stairs. Even the break­out wrench is func­tional. The re­al­is­tic treads roll, and the top of the cab lifts off so that you can place the driver fig­ure. The sur­face and en­gine de­tail­ing will be amaz­ing too, if our pre­vi­ous ex­pe­ri­ence with Diecast Masters is any­thing to go by.


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