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1967 Fiat Dino Spi­der 2000 and 1975 Lan­cia Beta Mon­te­carlo

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The front-en­gine Fiat Dino Spi­der road car was born out of Fer­rari’s rac­ing pro­gram, but it should not be con­fused with Fer­rari’s own mi­dengine Dino 206 GT. Fer­rari’s Dino V-6 en­gine had been a sta­ple of the For­mula 2 series through­out the 1960s, but for 1967 the FIAhad changed the rules to re­quire that en­gines must be pro­duc­tion-based with at least 500 built. Fer­rari did not have the bud­get to do so on its own, so it part­nered with Fiat to in­stall the 2.0L V-6 into Fiat-built sports cars and coupes. Thus was born the beau­ti­ful Dino Spi­der 2000. Power for the V-6 was quoted at 160hp (20 less than in Fer­rari’s Dino) but the en­gines were iden­ti­cal so the Fiat was un­der­rated.Lau­do­rac­ing’s ’67 Dino Spi­der cap­tures the sen­su­ous body de­sign by Pin­in­fa­rina—the same firm that penned the Fer­rari Dino—as well as im­pres­sive in­te­rior de­tail. Pin­in­fa­rina styling is on dis­play with Lan­cia Mon­te­carlo as well. The Mon­te­carlo Type 137 (known in the USA as the Scor­pion) was ini­tially lanched in 1975 as part of the Beta fam­ily, as it shared that car’s fron­twheel-drive en­gine and transaxle, but mounted it be­hind the driver driv­ing the rear wheels. The blend of light weight, op­ti­mal bal­ance, and spunky twin-camin­line-4 en­gine gave the Mon­te­carlo con­sid­er­able sportscar ap­peal, par­tic­u­larly the open-air “Spi­der” model (tech­ni­cally a targa) with its fold­ing roof panel. That’s the ver­sion Lau­do­rac­ing-models is re­leas­ing, and the roof panel is re­mov­able so the car can be dis­played in ei­ther con­fig­u­ra­tion.

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