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When it is time to re­place or up­grade your HID head­light bulbs, Philips’ cut­ting-edge Xenon Crys­talVi­sion ul­tra HID el­e­ments de­liver a bril­liant white light that has a color tem­per­a­ture of up to 5,000 K. The Crys­talVi­sion HIDs are ideal for driv­ers look­ing for a brighter and whiter light than stan­dard Xenon HID. These bulbs pro­vide a high-tech look and a head­light color tem­per­a­ture that ap­prox­i­mates the look of nat­u­ral day­light il­lu­mi­na­tion. They are de­signed to re­place stan­dard D2S and D2R bulbs. Philips (800) 257-6054

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