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A ’15 Chevro­let Silverado fam­ily hauler turned dragstrip mauler

LET’S GET RIGHT to it: The beau­ti­ful ’15 Chevro­let Silverado 2500HD shown on these pages is owned and built by Aaron Scar­bro, a diesel en­thu­si­ast who ad­mits he doesn’t com­pro­mise or sim­ply “set­tle” for any­thing—es­pe­cially when it’s re­lated to his truck.

It doesn’t take a trained eye to see Aaron’s rig is a per­fect ex­am­ple of max­i­mum ef­fort— go­ing all-out, full-on, and do­ing any­thing nec­es­sary to reach a goal. For Aaron, get­ting the most com­fort, power, fun, and fam­ily time from the Silverado is the main ob­jec­tive, and it ap­pears he has ticked all of those boxes with this 870hp daily driver.

“The thing I’m most proud of is that I can drive this truck 5 or 6 hours with my fam­ily on­board, make 7-sec­ond [eighth-mile] dragstrip runs, and drive it back home with­out any prob­lems,” Aaron says. Yes, he of­ten races it with the car seats still strapped into the back­seat.

As it goes with so many trucks we fea­ture, Aaron says he had all in­ten­tions of leav­ing the ’15 Silverado—nick­named Large Red Rid­ing Hood—stock when he pur­chased it. That no­tion lasted only briefly, though, as Aaron started with bolt-ons and ECM tun­ing. “In 2016, I in­stalled the dual CP3

in­jec­tion pumps and then up­graded the tur­bocharger and the fuel sys­tem,” Aaron ex­plains. “Since this is the truck I drive ev­ery day, all the mod­i­fi­ca­tions are de­signed to not af­fect me be­ing able to use it to get to work.”

The stock long-block han­dles the 840 hp and 1,459 lb-ft of torque the 6.6L Du­ra­max LML en­gine churns out, as well as wide-open abuse on the dragstrip. “One of the high­lights of this build was hav­ing Dmitri Mil­lard of No Zone Diesel at my house, in my lit­tle one-car garage, re­build­ing my trans­mis­sion,” Aaron says. “He taught me so much, and I was re­ally shocked by how quickly he works. The guy knows his stuff, and to have him at my place do­ing the work was a bonus. We had some beer along with some pizza,

and I got a re­ally great hands-on ed­u­ca­tion.”

It is a rig that was built re­ally smartly. Take the wheels, for ex­am­ple. “I al­ways wanted a set of Amer­i­can Force Rebels, and for a while I was sav­ing up the money to buy them,” Aaron ex­plains. “I found a guy who was will­ing to swap the stock wheels off of this truck for these 22x12 Amer­i­can Force Rebels, and I said yes im­me­di­ately. The wheels were a lit­tle rough when I got them, but I brought them to Fabtech Cus­tom Metal Fab­ri­ca­tion in Beck­ley, West Vir­ginia, which cleaned them up and pow­der­coated them for me. You can see the red ac­cents if you look for them,” Aaron says.

You can see that same level of pride and at­ten­tion to de­tail through­out the truck. Un­der the hood, the in­duc­tion sys­tem is packed with a Fleece Per­for­mance En­gi­neer­ing–pre­pared Borg Warner S468 tur­bocharger that’s in­stalled with Wehrli Cus­tom Fab­ri­ca­tion’s S400 tub­ing and a big AFE Power 5R dry fil­ter. The ma­jor com­po­nents in that sys­tem are pow­der­coated black and Ben­gal Red to match the truck!

When asked why he scored this par­tic­u­lar truck in 2015, Aaron says, “Well, I kind of love all the trucks out there, but this one made the most sense. Pretty much all I have ever owned and driven are Du­ra­max-pow­ered trucks. I have had an LB7, LMM, and this LML. I know how to work on them, and I know how to make power with them.”

While mak­ing power is one thing, ac­tu­ally putting that power to the pave­ment sep­a­rates the trucks that look good from those that run hard. This Silverado cov­ers both bases.

“How?” you ask. Well, from a sus­pen­sion stand­point, the front is en­hanced with parts de­signed to keep things sta­ble un­der

“The stock long-block han­dles the 840 hp and 1,459 lb-ft of torque the 6.6L Du­ra­max LML en­gine churns out, as well as wide-open abuse on the dragstrip.”

a se­vere load. Parts such as a Dirty Hooker Diesel cen­ter­link steer­ing sta­bi­lizer bracket along with the com­pany’s tie-rod sleeves man­age toe un­der hard launches, and back­ing out the tor­sion bolts frees up some front sus­pen­sion move­ment.

In the rear is where the real busi­ness takes place, and even that’s ac­com­plished with a sim­ple and ef­fec­tive ap­proach, fea­tur­ing McGaughy’s Sus­pen­sion 2-inch drop shack­les for the springs and Mean Street Per­for­mance trac­tion bars (painted to match the truck), as well as re­moved over­load leaf springs. Be­tween help­ing more weight trans­fer and al­low­ing the rear end to ac­tu­ally squat and plant, the sus­pen­sion mods are all the rig needs to cover the eighth-mile strip in the low-7-sec­ond e.t. range.

We all know projects like this are never re­ally done, and Aaron ex­plains he’s lay­ing out an in­ter­est­ing path for this Silverado. “We are think­ing about do­ing an en­gine for the truck and re­ally mak­ing some power, but there’s also an­other route we’ll likely take,” he says. “I have an­other truck we want to drag race se­ri­ously and run in the 5s with. I’m go­ing to need some­thing to tow that one with, and if I slide a du­alie axle un­der this one, it would ac­tu­ally make some sense as a tow rig.”

No mat­ter what the fu­ture holds for this rig, its present is fan­tas­tic. When you com­bine fam­ily, a bud­get, a small garage, and thou­sands of smartly in­vested dol­lars in good parts, you end up with a truck that can lit­er­ally do it all. Aaron Scar­bro’s ’15 Chevro­let Silverado 2500HD is proof you don’t need to be the rich­est guy on the block to have an awe­some hot rod. He hauls his kids, wife, and work around dur­ing the week, but dur­ing the week­end, Large Red Rid­ing Hood makes po­ten­tial wolves look re­ally, re­ally bad.

It’s hard to be­lieve Aaron Scar­bro bought this ’15 Chevro­let Silverado 2500HD with the in­ten­tion of leav­ing it bone stock and sim­ply driv­ing it as is. Things have taken a mas­sive turn for the cool, as his work on the truck brings it to this high level.

The big Duar­max is a snug fit in the nose of the Silverado. For a truck that gets driven ev­ery day, drag raced, and used all the time, this is an as­ton­ish­ingly clean and tidy en­gine bay. Aaron is a stick­ler for the de­tails.

The trusty 6.6L Du­ra­max LML en­gine in this rig was mod­i­fied in stages. After start­ing with ba­sic bolt-ons, Aaron got se­ri­ous and up­graded the fuel and in­duc­tion sys­tems. Now the truck can cruise for hours, cover the eighth-mile in 7 sec­onds, and drive back home.

The Al­li­son six-speed au­to­matic trans­mis­sion is beefed up to keep pace with the en­gine’s out­put, with pieces like this heavy-duty Derale 40-row, dual-pass trans­mis­sion cooler. The unit’s fan moves 800 cfm of air, keep­ing things cool un­der the tough­est con­di­tions.

The Fleece Per­for­mance En­gi­neer­ing–prepped bil­let BorgWarner S468 tur­bocharger is mounted by way of a Wehrli Cus­tom Fab­ri­ca­tion S400 kit Aaron had pow­der­coated black and Ben­gal Red to match the rest of the truck. This is an 870hp pro­gram, kids!

An Air Dog II-4G lift pump is an im­por­tant piece of the ef­fort to keep the en­gine sup­plied with fresh fuel. The setup doesn’t just de­liver fuel; it also sep­a­rates wa­ter and other junk out of the diesel and keeps the high-pres­sure pumps, in­jec­tors, and fuel lines happy.

That 7-inch ex­haust tip lets the world know there is plenty of horse­power be­ing made up­stream. This is one of the cleaner Sil­ver­a­dos we have seen in our trav­els. It is slick from ev­ery an­gle—even this one.

This is the view of Aaron’s Silverado most peo­ple see on the dragstrip. Even driv­ing away, the truck still looks re­ally good. This has been a fam­ily project, and those back doors on the cab are where the car seats get loaded in.

Aaron got these Amer­i­can Force Rebel wheels in a trade deal. They were pretty rough when he got them, but Fabtech Cus­tom Metal Fab­ri­ca­tion ap­plied the pow­der­coat, and they look like a mil­lion bucks now.

Be­cause this truck is used day in and day out, Aaron de­cided to keep the stock in­te­rior in­tact. The baby seats fit per­fectly in the back.

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