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If you’re a Ford fan, there’s no doubt that you know the name Rudy’s Diesel. What you might not know is that he’s been pound­ing the ground build­ing the same badass 6.4L Ford for al­most a decade, de­vel­op­ing a truck that just be­comes more pow­er­ful and faster as time goes on. While Rudy built his Ford for drag racing in the ever-pop­u­lar Pro Street class, he’s not above a lit­tle multi-use ac­tion as well, fin­ish­ing in the top 10 at the 2017 Ul­ti­mate Call­out Chal­lenge. Is there a bad­der 4x4 Ford on the planet? We don’t think so.

Aaron Ru­dolf (or “Rudy” as he’s widely known) got his start by de­vel­op­ing Ford per­for­mance parts for the very 6.4L truck that you see on th­ese pages. He bought the ’08 model brand-new with the in­ten­tion of push­ing the new plat­form fur­ther and faster than any­one else. By sheer work and de­ter­mi­na­tion, Rudy’s F-250 was the first 6.4-pow­ered truck in the 9-sec­ond zone, and the first to break 1,000 hp at the wheels. De­spite his suc­cess, the road to Blue

Oval star­dom hasn’t been an easy one. Rudy has been through a num­ber of dif­fer­ent trans­mis­sion set­ups, en­gine com­bi­na­tions, and axle set­ups be­fore the truck pro­gressed to what you see here. Over the years, the chas­sis and body have been trans­formed to where there aren’t many OEM parts left. The doors, bed­sides, and tilt front end are all fiber­glass, parts that Rudy had cus­tom made just for his drag truck. The chas­sis has also been mod­i­fied, with a round-tube back-half, Funny Car-style cage, and a back-braced 9-inch Ford rear axle. The win­dows are also Lexan in­stead of glass, and all told Rudy fig­ures he’s re­moved at least 1,500 pounds from his Ford in its ul­tra-light re­build.

Rudy’s truck has seen at least a dozen en­gine and turbo com­bi­na­tions since ’08, but the lat­est is by far the wildest. The fac­tory block has been fit­ted with ARP head and main studs, and the fac­tory crank­shaft swings a set of cus­tom Wagler

Com­pe­ti­tion Prod­ucts con­nect­ing rods that are con­nected to Di­a­mond pis­tons. The heads have been ported and fit­ted with val­ve­train com­po­nents from Rudy’s Diesel, along with an ATI Dam­p­ener and Elite Diesel flex­plate.

The re­ally wild stuff comes in with the fuel and air sup­ply sys­tems, as ev­ery com­po­nent is ca­pa­ble of ei­ther dou­ble or triple its fac­tory coun­ter­part’s out­put. For starters, a FASS 260gph lift pump gulps up fuel and sends it to a twin K16 kit from Rudy’s Diesel, along with River City Diesel 150% in­jec­tors. The tur­bos are mounted in a triple ar­range­ment, with a huge 80mm S400 from Borg­warner that is fed by twin 75mm S400s also sourced from Borg­warner. From there, air flows through a cus­tom-built air-to-wa­ter in­ter­cooler, and is fur­ther chilled by a mul­ti­ple-stage Ni­trous Ex­press ni­trous sys­tem. Horse­power checks in at a dyno-proven 1,987 rwhp along with a stag­ger­ing 3,005 lb-ft of torque, which makes it the most pow­er­ful 6.4L Ford out there.

While mak­ing power hasn’t been an is­sue for Rudy, putting it to the ground has been a dif­fer­ent story. Af­ter try­ing

nu­mer­ous Ford-based set­ups, he fi­nally went to a Com­pe­ti­tion 48RE trans­mis­sion from Sun­coast Diesel. The Dodge-based trans­mis­sion fea­tures nu­mer­ous up­grades in­clud­ing bil­let shafts, a cus­tom torque con­verter, and an adapter plate to make it work with the Power Stroke en­gine.

While the new setup def­i­nitely has po­ten­tial, Rudy has been hon­est that they haven’t got a good A-to-b pass just yet. With a 1.38 60-foot time, it’s clear the launch is there, and with trap speeds in the mid-140s with min­i­mal ni­trous, it’s clear it’s go­ing to be fast. While mid-9s is noth­ing to sniff at, Rudy has his sights set on the 8s with this new setup, so look for this Blue Oval to be flat-out fly­ing by the end of the 2017 sea­son!


 A huge air-to-wa­ter in­ter­cooler was fab­ri­cated by Rudy’s Diesel to keep the in­take charge plenty cool. Vi­brant V-band clamps are used to keep the mas­sive vol­ume of air and pres­sure from blow­ing the in­ter­cooler’s piping off.

 The front sus­pen­sion was highly mod­i­fied for this drag racing ap­pli­ca­tion. Coilover shocks from QA1 were in­stalled up front along with cus­tom link arms and sus­pen­sion lim­iters to pre­vent wheel­ies!

 If you were think­ing a lot was miss­ing from the front of the truck, you’re right. A large Flu­i­dyne ra­di­a­tor and Op­tima bat­tery take up space be­hind the cab where the truck’s bed used to be.

 An in­take plenum was fab­ri­cated out of a sin­gle bil­let piece just for this ap­pli­ca­tion and di­rects chilled and boosted air di­rectly to each cylin­der.

 A dual-stage ni­trous sys­tem from Ni­trous Ex­press can add around 500 ex­tra horse­power if need be. There are two small so­le­noids (one of which is used for spool­ing) and then two large so­le­noids that do the ma­jor­ity of the power-adding.

 Twin 75mm at­mo­spheric tur­bocharg­ers are mounted up by the front bumper, where they can grab gobs of cool air. The 75s blow into an 80mm turbo mounted in the val­ley, which sends 80-85 psi of boost into the en­gine.

 There’s a very pow­er­ful 6.4L un­der­neath the maze of turbo piping that sur­rounds the en­gine. While the In­no­va­tive Diesel-tuned Power Stroke has made 1,987 rwhp with ni­trous, it’s still plenty stout on fuel alone.

 There are no leaf springs any­more; a lad­der bar sus­pen­sion setup with QA1 dou­ble-ad­justable shocks oc­cu­pies the rear of the truck for op­ti­mum trac­tion. The heavy stock axle has also been re­placed with a back-braced 9-inch rear end with Wil­wood brakes...

 As much weight was taken out of the rear of the truck as pos­si­ble. Rudy even went as far as to re­build the com­plete rear sec­tion of the truck out of round tub­ing, which at­taches to the orig­i­nal front frame.

 The rear of the truck is quite in­tim­i­dat­ing with the open bed­sides and mam­moth 31-inch Goodyear Ea­gle drag slicks that are mounted on 15-inch Holeshot bead­lock wheels.

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