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with the fac­tory CP3 in the val­ley. The team at SDP de­signed and cut a cus­tom bil­let alu­minum pul­ley for the sec­ond CP3 to match Fowler’s Fuel FF19 wheels and pow­der­coated it Il­lu­sion Royal Blue to match the rest of the un­der-hood per­for­mance parts. The pair of CP3S com­bine to de­liver plenty of high-pres­sure fuel to a set of 60% over S&S Diesel Mo­tor­sport fuel in­jec­tors.

On the ex­haust side of the en­gine, Kerr in­stalled a set of PPE man­i­folds and up-pipes to im­prove the ex­haust flow over the stock units. From the ex­haust out­let of the fac­tory turbo in the val­ley, the SDP kit feeds hot ex­haust gases to the S475 tur­bine, then out through the length of a 5-inch-di­am­e­ter MBRP ex­haust sys­tem that ter­mi­nates in the stock lo­ca­tion with a 6-inch-di­am­e­ter black ex­haust tip. Clean air is drawn into the S475 from the at­mos­phere through an AFE fil­ter. Af­ter com­pres­sion, it is sent di­rectly to the fac­tory turbo in­let for ad­di­tional boost. Af­ter the in­take charge leaves the fac­tory charger, it’s car­ried to the fac­tory in­ter­cooler through an AFE boost tube and out of the in­ter­cooler to the en­gine through the SDP in­ter­cooler tube and high-flow Y-bridge in­take.

To clean up the en­gine bay more, Kerr rerouted the coolant hoses and re­worked the Du­ra­max wire har­ness to make it one of the

 Fowler’s truck has a great sport truck stance that makes it a fun driver on twisty back roads or the dragstrip.

 Mov­ing un­der the rear of the truck, you can see that Fowler in­stalled a set of ad­justable QA1 shocks in the back there as well to help dial in the per­for­mance and keep the tires planted to the tar­mac.

 The rear was low­ered by re­mov­ing the over­load springs and in­stalling a set of 3-inch drop shack­les.

 Af­ter low­er­ing the GMC, Fowler chose to go with a set of Fuel 22x12-inch forged alu­minum FF19 wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes S/T 305/45R22 low-pro­file tires. Note the cus­tom fen­der work that Clas­sic Col­li­sion per­formed to fit the huge rollers and al­low full steer­ing with­out rub­bing.

 Look­ing un­der the rear bed­side fen­der, you can see the FASS 150 and Diesel South fuel sump that up­grade the fac­tory fuel de­liv­ery, as well as the Cal­tracs bars to help the Panda hook up on the drag strip.

 Look­ing at the back side of the front axle, you can see that they also in­stalled a set of ad­justable QA1 shocks to tune the truck for op­ti­mal launch char­ac­ter­is­tics.

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