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There are just some rides you can’t walk past with­out do­ing a dou­ble, or even triple-take. Diesel Per­for­mance Spe­cial­ties (DPS) has built just such a ve­hi­cle by seam­lessly mat­ing a 6.7L King Ranch truck and a Ford Ex­cur­sion SUV. With an in­sane 20 inches of lift, six doors, and wild amounts of chrome and pow­der coat­ing, this 2016 “Ex­cur­sion” is a truck like no other. But the ques­tion re­mains, how did they build it? It all started with two bare cabs and an idea. Shop owner Trevor Lima and the team at DPS wanted to build a flag­ship of a shop truck, but they didn’t want to build some­thing cookie cut­ter. So the idea came about to build the SUV Ford didn’t--a 2016 take on a Ford ex­cur­sion.

Thus be­gun a pro­ject that was un­der the knife for over a full year.

Ford Ex­cur­sions were built with 6.0L and 7.3L en­gines, nei­ther of which were known to be pow­er­houses in stock form. Since DPS wanted to re­tain re­li­a­bil­ity and 100 per­cent emis­sions le­gal­ity, they chose a newer ‘16 Ford with the 440 hp and 860 lb-ft 6.7L en­gine as a start­ing plat­form. From there, it was a com­plete cus­tom build. Two frames were se­lected and then in­te­grated into one, while also in­cor­po­rat­ing a drop frame that would al­low for a huge lift. The body was also heav­ily mod­i­fied (ob­vi­ously) for the six-door setup, but the

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