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2020 Vs. 2019 Power Stroke Tur­bos, Com­pared

- Cars · Ford F-Series

If you were won­der­ing what the turbo bolted to the 2020 Power Stroke looks like, KC Tur­bos has per­formed all the leg work for you. In its dis­sec­tion of its brand-new F-250 guinea pig, the guys at KC Tur­bos found a 54mm in­ducer com­pres­sor wheel (vs. 61mm on the ’15-’19 units). Other find­ings in­cluded a smaller, 55mm ex­ducer tur­bine wheel and a dual ball bear­ing cen­ter car­tridge (vs. jour­nal bear­ing). The up­side of Ford’s go­ing to a smaller turbo means quicker spool up and more low-end torque. In fact, the new elec­tron­i­cally ac­tu­ated VGT makes 35 to 40 psi of boost right off the show­room floor. How­ever, the smaller sized turbo also likely means that, when tuned, the ’20 trucks won’t have the 540 to 550-rwhp po­ten­tial the ’15-’19 trucks do, and re­li­a­bil­ity might be an is­sue if the charger is pushed much fur­ther be­yond fac­tory boost lev­els.

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