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Ethan Pat­ter­son of Wilson Pat­ter­son Diesel will be test­ing a new style torque con­verter this sea­son. Called a cap­tive clutch re­verse lockup con­verter, the 27-spline 48RE unit doesn’t use bal­ance oil, which means no drag oc­curs dur­ing the stag­ing process—of­ten one of the most gru­el­ing parts of get­ting a high-pow­ered diesel off the line. Pat­ter­son has been knee-deep in torque con­verter (and trans­mis­sion) tech­nol­ogy for years, per­haps most no­tably as the trans­mis­sion builder be­hind the 4x4 TH400 in Stain­less Diesel’s 2,500hp Pro Street Dodge. Should WP Diesel find suc­cess while cam­paign­ing this con­verter in its own drag truck, you can ex­pect them to of­fer a com­plete valve body and con­verter pack­age at some point in the fu­ture.

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