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EN­GINE: Sleeved 6.4L Todd 391ci Du­gan Bladens­burg, and Cum­mins fire-ringed Ohio built by bil­let-alu­minum Scheid Diesel block, 6.7L Cum­mins BLOCK: crank­shaft, Rac­ing 12:1 9/16-inch com­pres­sion ARP bil­let main pis­tons, studs, bil­let-steel Scheid bil­let-steel con­nect­ing roller rods, cam Di­a­mond HEAD:

in­di­vid­ual Bil­let-steel run­ner in­take 12-valve man­i­fold, com­pe­ti­tion 14mm ARP cylin­der head head studs with over­size valves,

OIL SYS­TEM: Wet sump via Avi­aid two-sec­tion pump FUEL:

triple-feed Colum­bus in­jec­tors, Diesel 0.120-inch Sup­ply in­jec­tion 16mm Sigma lines, pump, Avi­aid Scheid lift pump Diesel 5x0.035

AIR: Triple-turbo ar­range­ment us­ing three Hx82-based tur­bocharg­ers with bil­let com­pres­sor wheels, waste­gated man­i­fold charger, T6 Steed Speed ex­haust man­i­fold

COOL­ING: San­dridge Cus­toms wa­ter-to-air in­ter­cooler, boost-ref­er­enced wa­ter-in­jec­tion sys­tem with se­condary Egt-trig­gered sys­tem

TRANS­MIS­SION: Brow­ell blow-proof bell­hous­ing, Crower four-disc clutch, Pro­fab Ma­chine one-speed re­verser and quick change trans­fer case

ELEC­TRON­ICS: CORSA In­tel­ladash data ac­qui­si­tion sys­tem HORSE­POWER: 3,000+ hp (dyno) TIRES: 34x18.0x15 Ni­chols Pulling Edge WHEELS: 15x18-inch Real Rac­ing Wheels

FRAME: Barker Ma­chine and Fab chas­sis with 2-inch di­am­e­ter chro­moly tub­ing

AXLES: Pro­fab Ma­chine Rock­well SQHD (rear) with gun-drilled axle shafts and spool, Rock­well F106 (front) with locker and mil­i­tary steer­ing knuck­les, 6.20 ring and pin­ion front and rear

SUS­PEN­SION/STEER­ING: Pro Shocks ad­justable coil overs and Ran­cho RS9000XL shocks (front), solid sus­pen­sion (rear), PSC hy­draulic-as­sist steer­ing sys­tem

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