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To un­der­stand what ev­ery­thing means on your time slip, re­fer to the glos­sary be­low. Through­out the course of your race, var­i­ous data points are recorded by the track’s tim­ing sys­tem, so even if you’re un­able to make a full pass (maybe you blew an in­ter­cooler boot after the 330-foot mark), you can still piece to­gether the type of tra­jec­tory you were on. Armed with the info on this tiny sheet of pa­per and the var­i­ous drag rac­ing cal­cu­la­tors avail­able on­line, you can even guessti­mate your 0-to-60 mph time or how many G’s your truck pulled on the launch. In this ex­am­ple, no­tice that the left lane red-lit. The of­fend­ing truck was deep-staged on a Sports­man tree. •R/T = re­ac­tion time

•60’ = how quickly you made it to the 60-foot mark

•330 = how quickly you made it to the 330-foot mark •1/8 ET = eighth-mile elapsed time

•1/8 MPH = eighth-mile trap speed

•1,000 = how quickly you made it to the 1,000-foot mark •1/4 ET = quar­ter-mile elapsed time

•1/4 MPH = quar­ter-mile trap speed

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