Diesel World : 2020-05-01

Tech : 101 : 101


3,000 HP Tough! Your truck may not put out as much power as the highly modified Cummins diesel in Van Haisley’s potent “Rock-hard Ram” —winner of the Super Stock class at the prestigiou­s Scheid Diesel Extravagan­za. But with ARP fasteners you can be assured of having the kind of reliabilit­y that you need when amping up the power in your diesel. ARP manufactur­es head studs from ARP2000 and Custom Age 625+ material for most diesel applicatio­ns. Bring on the boost! Also available are main stud kits, rod bolts, damper and driveline bolts. Check out ARP’S dedicated diesel website (www.arpdiesel.com) for details. Naturally, all ARP fasteners are manufactur­ed in-house to the industry’s highest standards. There’s nothing better for your diesel! Van Haisley Follow us on facebook.com/ dieselworl­dmag instagram.com/ dieselworl­dmag 800-826-3045 Get a FREE copy of the 2020 catalog online www.arpdiesel.com