Diesel World : 2020-05-01

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IN USA MADE SYSTEMS TANK FUEL FLOW TRANSFER Inferior Plastic Fuel Tank TOYS IS FOR PLASTIC Premier Transfer Flow Fuel Tank with Reliasteel® Only Premier Steel Fuel Tanks Will Keep Up with a 6,500 lb. Truck. Since 1983, Transfer Flow has been engineerin­g excellence and crafting premier fuel tank systems from the highest quality American materials. Transfer Flow fuel tanks are made with Reliasteel®, high-yield U.S. aluminized steel, to withstand strong weather elements and heavy use. Plastic aftermarke­t tanks are made using rotational molding, which results in varied thickness and may require additional parts, including expensive underbody plates for protection. Transfer Flow fuel tanks ship complete with everything needed for installati­on. Rest easy knowing that your Transfer Flow fuel tank is safe, legal, reliable, and backed by our 6-year, unlimited mileage warranty to keep your adventure going mile after mile. ® (833) 375-3132 Transferfl­ow.com I IN-BED TANKS TOOL BOX COMBOS REPLACEMEN­T TANKS REFUELING TANKS