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While we are get­ting back into the swing of a more nor­mal life nowa­days, it’s not what it was before at all. Not even close (here’s to hop­ing that we didn’t back slide dur­ing the 60-days it takes to print these mag­a­zines and get them to you). This mess has changed us all. And as far as Diesel World is con­cerned, for the most part that’s a good thing. Covid pushed us we to be ex­tremely in­no­va­tive. No way I/ we were go­ing to come out the back side of this virus mess the same as we en­tered it. Per­son­ally, I love this Sh$#. Diesel is my life. Walk­ing the drag strip, the sound and feel­ing of my shoes stick­ing from the VHT, or the sound of an en­gine try­ing to get on top of the charg­ers and once it lights them, that stuff is my drug! I don’t want to do any­thing else, so mak­ing sure we as a brand are stronger af­ter Covid means a lot to me to say the least.

We’ve got a lot of irons in the fire right now. Two events al­ready in the books and they’re al­ready on the sched­ule next year, plus the third for this year is al­most ready to an­nounce. Hope­fully next years Diesel World events will be fully open to the pub­lic, not just a live feed. Ei­ther way they’ll be eons bet­ter than this year’s, we’ve got a ton planned there. But this next thing is what is go­ing to be the most dras­tic change to how our con­tent is nor­mally de­liv­ered. We’re cut­ting back sub­stan­tially on the still im­age based event cov­er­age. I did say cut­ting back NOT elim­i­nat­ing it, but I should say we’re adding to it. We’ll still have the print and web ar­ti­cles, but we’ll also be live stream­ing ev­ery diesel event we pos­si­bly can. My goal for 2021 is to have 30 events stream­ing live. That’s just about all the main­stream diesel spe­cific events in ex­is­tence to­day. By 2022, I want 70 or more. Any­time there’s a diesel go­ing down the track, or do­ing a dyno hit, or pulling a sled, any time there’s a large diesel pres­ence at an event, even tow tests, R&D ses­sions, the pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less; if you can’t make it there in per­son, Diesel World is go­ing to be the place to see it, live from the com­fort of your home, your shop, at work or on va­ca­tion.

So that’s go­ing to be my com­ing year. Learn­ing the ins and outs of mo­bile TV pro­duc­tion.

I’ve al­ready got a bunch fig­ured out, and it’s been fun learn­ing new tech, but it does sound kinda bor­ing for some­one that used to spend 40+ hrs a week do­ing things like watch­ing the fastest diesel’s on the track. The way I look at it, I’m still do­ing the same thing, I’ll just be man­ning a video pro­duc­tion sys­tem in­stead of a still cam­era. Fine by me, as long as I still get to spend my work­ing hours play­ing with diesel.

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