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Cambridge MA warns drivers of the dangers of burning gas, diesel and ethanol

- Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/enriquedan­s/2021/12/31/we-need-to-start-beingmore-aware-of-the-harm-we-do-when-we-fillourtan­ks/?sh=5ed08ef52a­b8

Cambridge Massachuse­tts has recently started placing high visibility yellow stickers on fuel pumps warning drivers of the dangers of burning fossil fuels and even ethanol. The label, somewhat reminiscen­t of the warnings used on tobacco products, warns of human health concerns and climate change. What interests us most here is the future implicatio­ns. Cigarettes, something that was once a part of normal life is now something we know as extremely harmful to our health. Could pumping diesel become the next cigarette?

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