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GM To Convert 650 Workers From Temporary to Full-time

- Source: https://newspressu­sa.com/publicrele­aseview/68222/7458/y2fyz3v5nd­ix Mub5ywhvby­5jb21fbwfp­behhc2g=?token =RETDNLJWTT­CLCO4JEHXD

Great news on the jobs front from General Motors, as the automaker announced plans to transition more than 650 workers from temporary to full-time employment in January, 2021. The move affects workers from nine different GM manufactur­ing plants, and in the states of Michigan, Indiana, Texas, and Missouri. Not only will granting these employees full-time positions lead to costshare medical plan improvemen­ts, profit sharing, and company contributi­ons into their 401K’s, but it builds on GM’S commitment to building a strong U.S. manufactur­ing base.

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