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Opposed-piston, 2-Stroke Diesel Meet’s Stringent NOX Emissions


Achates Power has announced that the opposed-piston, 2-stroke diesel engine it has been developing for Class 8 trucks has achieved NOX emissions of 0.02 g/bhp-hr. This level of NOX production would meet the 2027 California emission requiremen­ts over the FTP cycle. Engine designers point to the engine’s low surface area to volume ratio of the combustion chamber, which results in lower heat losses and higher brake thermal efficiency, as being the key to its extremely low NOX emissions. The 10.6L engine is a three-cylinder that produces 300 kw (402 hp), and given the success its seen so far, Achates Power plans to also begin developmen­t of two and four-cylinder variations for Class 3-6 medium duty applicatio­ns.

Source: dieselnet.com

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