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GM Delivers Infantry Squad Vehicle To U.S. Army Justin Zeigler Wins U.C.C.


It was a blockbuste­r weekend in Indianapol­is, and the star of the show was Justin Zeigler. After his 5,200-pound Ram clicked off a 5.3-second eighth-mile on Day 1, he proceeded to lay down 2,443 hp and 3,282 lb-ft of torque on the dyno on Day 2. Then, in a moment that came down to the wire, Justin’s 290-foot sled pull on Day 3 proved just enough to seal the overall win when Chris Buhidar’s 299.65-foot effort came up short of where he needed to finish in the dirt. In terms of scoring, just 100 points (at this even, thousands are on the table…) separated First through Fifth Place at U.C.C. 2021—proof that this event is as competitiv­e as it’s ever been.

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