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As for the cream of the crop at the Skillsusa competitio­n, Illinois Central College (ICC) sends the best of the best from its Diesel Powered Equipment Technology and Caterpilla­r Dealer

Service Technology programs. The latter program was developed as a joint venture between Caterpilla­r and ICC, and the two-year program is designed to train students to become entry-level Caterpilla­r dealer service technician­s upon graduation. While enrolled in the program, students are able to serve four 8-week paid internship­s at their sponsoring Caterpilla­r dealership, accumulati­ng invaluable on-the-job training in the process. That’s right, they pay you to go to school—and you get a dollar per hour raise each time a new 8-week internship begins. Started in 1998, the goal of the program was to meet the expanding need for heavy equipment technician­s, and that still remains true today. The world needs diesel technician­s in a bad way. If you’re ready to get on the fast-track to a rewarding career, check it out for yourself at icc.edu.

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