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Is Toyota Planning To Offer A Diesel Tacoma In The U.S.?

- Source: https://gearjunkie.com/news/

Gear Junkie recently reported on some “curious behavior” from Toyota, and it involves a possible diesel or diesel-hybrid being offered in the Tacoma (various diesel powerplant­s have already been offered overseas for years in the Taco’s cousin, the Hilux). Apparently, at the end of

2019 Toyota filed a U.S. patent for an internal combustion engine that appears to be a small diesel. On top of that, a pro-diesel video published on Youtube by the car maker at the end of July suggests a Tacoma oil-burner might really be on the drawing board. Gear Junkie said it best: “As many across the industry abandon diesel for the electric revolution, Toyota opts to hang on to diesel and even hints at melding the two systems…” We can only hope!

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