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Biden Administra­tion Discloses Its Clean Vehicle Goals

- Source: https://dieselnet.com/ news/2021/08epa.php

The White House has formally spoken about the subject of vehicle emissions, and it’s no surprise that more stringent regulation­s are coming. During the first week of August, the Biden administra­tion released an executive order that sets a goal of making 50-percent of all new vehicle sales electric by 2030. In conjunctio­n with the EPA, a proposed rule will tighten light-duty vehicle greenhouse gas emission standards for model years 2023-2026. In addition, the NHTSA announced it will unveil a parallel proposal to tighten the CAFE fuel economy standards. If finalized, the latter would all but completely undo the relaxed CAFE and GHG standards enacted under the Trump administra­tion.

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