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Records Broken At SDX

- Source: https://www.outlawdies­elss.com/

Out on the eighth-mile drag strip at Wagler Motorsport­s Park, the Outlaw Diesel Super Series conducted its fifth race of 2021 under the Scheid Diesel Extravagan­za umbrella. Despite many drivers struggling to find traction in the toasty track conditions, the Stainless Diesel crew formulated a work-around that flat-out got the job done. During qualifying, driver Johnny Gilbert put up a 4.86 at 158 mph, which reset the trap speed record in the Pro Street category. In 5.90 Index, Justin Duffy broke out in a big way, but also moved the 4x4 Allison record deeper into the 5’s with his 5.76-second blast at 126 mph.

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