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Keep Your Diesel…gm Just Recalled Every Single Chevy Bolt EV

- Source: https://dieselnet.com/

As if you needed another reason to hold off on electric vehicle technology, General Motors recently recalled all Chevy Bolt EV’S due to fire risk. The recall applies to every 2019 model as well as all 20202022 model year vehicles. According to GM, “In rare circumstan­ces, the batteries supplied to GM for these vehicles may have two malfunctio­ning defects—a torn anode tab and folded separator—present in the same battery cell, which increases the risk of fire.” The recall affects roughly 73,000 Bolt EV’S (in both the U.S. and Canada), forces GM to replace the defective battery modules with new, non-defective ones, and is expected to cost the automaker $1 billion.

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