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Fifth Place: Derek Belerot RAM/CUMMINS 1,253 hp + 1,956 lb-ft = 3,219 to­tal score

Up just 18 points ahead of Scott Lind­sey was Derek Belerot, who brought a Cummins-pow­ered drag truck to the party. Even at first glance Belerot was one to watch, as the twin para­chutes on his Dodge hinted at crazy power. Just like Lind­sey, Belerot had triple tur­bos and lots of rpm at his dis­posal, but his torque num­ber was a bit bet­ter, which meant that he was able to nose Lind­sey out for fifth place.

Fourth Place: Tyler Kipp RAM/CUMMINS 1,306 HP + 1,928 LB-FT = 3,234 TO­TAL SCORE

You might think that Tyler Kipp had brought a knife to a gun­fight, as his two-wheel drive was pack­ing a sin­gle 88mm tur­bocharger com­pared to all these triple-turbo mon­sters. How­ever, Kipp’s truck was no slouch and had al­ready put down 1,100 hp with its sin­gle on a num­ber of oc­ca­sions. For the Gauntlet Chal­lenge he added two small shots of ni­trous to the mix, which bumped his power up to an im­pres­sive 1,306 hp and 1,928 lb-ft torque. And then there were three.

 Derek Belerot

 Scott Lind­sey

 Dustin Davis

 Tyler Kipp

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