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a call,” he says. “I’m not sure if Ja­son [Wehrli] be­lieved that I was go­ing to build up the truck as much as I wanted be­cause it was still so new and it was run­ning per­fectly fine. But he al­ways re­turned my calls right away and talked me through all my plans, so within a few months it was at his shop.” What they had planned for the truck was big, with the en­gine, trans­mis­sion and chas­sis all re­ceiv­ing mod­i­fi­ca­tions. In fact, the LML en­gine it­self (which was still run­ning fine) was un­cer­e­mo­ni­ously yanked out of the truck, sig­nal­ing the start of the big build.

Con­crete Foun­da­tion

Since the LML blocks are al­ready so strong from the fac­tory, the block it­self re­ceived very lit­tle work other than a gir­dle and main studs, which re­placed the fac­tory bolts. The crankshaft was also left stock, but the con­nect­ing rods were re­placed with much stronger Car­rillo ver­sions and the pis­tons are Mahle oval-bowl de­signs. The en­gine also had a set of ARP head studs in­stalled and the fac­tory cylin­der heads were ported, pol­ished and fit­ted with per­for­mance valve springs. Once up­graded, the en­gine was re­assem­bled by Wehrli Cus­tom and stuck back in the truck. The fo­cus now would be on mak­ing some se­ri­ous power.

Com­pounds and Twins

Be­cause the fac­tory-sized in­jec­tors can only spray so much fuel be­fore they just start mak­ing heat, one of the ma­jor steps in the build was adding a set of Ex­ergy En­gi­neer­ing 80% over in­jec­tors fed by twin CP3 pumps mod­i­fied by Wehrli. That way fu­el­ing wouldn’t be an is­sue, even as power ap­proached 1,000 rear-wheel horse­power. The stocker/s475 com­pound turbo setup wasn’t go­ing to cut it ei­ther, so two bil­let-wheel tur­bos from En­gi­neered Diesel were se­cured, one 66mm S300 and the other an 84mm S400. Again, it was Wehrli who built the out­ra­geous or­ange pip­ing to fun­nel the charge through an AFE in­ter­cooler.

 The Duramax en­gine in Daniel Dil­lon’s 2011 Chevy is quite a piece. Built by Wehrli Cus­tom Fab­ri­ca­tion, the pow­er­plant puts down 942 hp to the wheels. It was as­sem­bled from the bot­tom up with a stud gir­dle, ARP main studs, Car­rillo con­nect­ing rods and...

 Special at­ten­tion was paid to keep­ing the ex­haust side from fry­ing the fire­wall. The turbo pip­ing from the small to large turbo snakes along the back of the en­gine and is heat-wrapped to re­duce un­der-hood temps.

 The cus­tom com­pound turbo kit was also built by Wehrli Fab­ri­ca­tion and fea­tures an En­gi­neered Diesel S366 tur­bocharger. A bil­let wheel im­proves both re­li­a­bil­ity and flow.

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