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When your first ve­hi­cle is a ’50 Ford with a flat­head V8, you tend to re­tain your affin­ity for clas­sic Blue Ovals. Now fast-for­ward a few decades, fac­tor­ing in a few life ex­pe­ri­ences that in­clude the dis­cov­ery of the power, dura­bil­ity and sim­plic­ity that is the 5.9L Cummins, and you start to see why Tim Galas’s ’52 Ford project turned out the way it did. “I al­ways wanted another Bonus-built,” he told us, “and the Cummins is so sim­ple to work on, not to men­tion it’s good for a mil­lion miles.” It just made too much sense.

Build­ing the “Fodge”

With a com­plete ’97 Dodge 3500 at his dis­posal—along with an end goal of tow­ing with the fin­ished prod­uct—the 1-ton frame, axles and sus­pen­sion were used as the per­fect foun­da­tion. The steer­ing sys­tem con­sists of the sec­ond-gen box and a mod­i­fied steer­ing col­umn out of an old In­ter­na­tional. For en­gine cool­ing, the ra­di­a­tor and fan clutch were re­tained from the ’97, while a first-gen in­ter­cooler is used due to the Ford’s tight en­gine bay quar­ters. For in­te­rior com­fort, Galas’s friend, Ja­son Fox, in­stalled the Vin­tage Air sys­tem that keeps the cab cool on hot Florida days.

P-pump Tweaks & 5x12s

See­ing no rea­son to dis­rupt an en­gine he be­lieved was just get­ting bro­ken in, Galas opted to leave the 200,000-mile Cummins alone in­ter­nally. How­ever, the same couldn’t be said for the in­jec­tion sys­tem. With horse­power be­ing all too easy to add to a late 12-valve en­gine, the 215hp P-pump was pulled and sent to nearby Ac­cu­rate Diesel In­jec­tion for a few tweaks. Among its en­hance­ments would be a con­sid­er­able bump in tim­ing, the pop­u­lar #0 fuel plate, larger delivery valves and 3,200rpm gov­er­nor springs. A set of 5x12 in­jec­tors from Diesel Speed Shop brought another 100 hp into the equa­tion with­out re­quir­ing Galas to ditch the fac­tory HX35 turbo.

Op­ti­mized HX35

Thanks to the hard-to-kill na­ture of the Holset HX35, Galas stuck with it. How­ever, in prepa­ra­tion for the added horse­power from the pump work and in­jec­tors, he had the fac­tory charger re­built at Ac­cu­rate Diesel In­jec­tion. While un­der Ac­cu­rate’s care, ex­haust flow was opened up via a 14cm2 tur­bine hous­ing and a boost el­bow was

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