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How much power does it make? It’s per­haps the first ques­tion that’s asked of any hot rod, diesel or other­wise. Dyno num­bers are great for brag­ging rights, and win­ners can carry their ac­com­plish­ments for en­tire years and be­yond. For the past few springs, ATS Diesel in Ar­vada, Colorado, has held an an­nual dyno throw­down just as the win­ter weather starts to thaw. Com­peti­tors have come from all over the coun­try and Canada for this $500 buy-in, win­ner-take-all event. This year it’s ten trucks, one dyno, and it’s any­one’s game. Wel­come to ATS Diesel’s 2018 Gauntlet Chal­lenge and Let-it-roll Dyno Day.

First up was a quick driver’s meet­ing with Clint Can­non, the owner of ATS. The rules were sim­ple: Over­all score would be de­ter­mined by horse­power and torque com­bined, any amount of tur­bos or pow­er­ad­ders were le­gal, and the truck had to drive off the dyno un­der its own power. The last rule is more of a safety is­sue, as time-bomb trucks can be dan­ger­ous to both own­ers and spec­ta­tors. Each com­peti­tor would get 30 min­utes to make as much power as he could, with last year’s win­ner Randy Reyes choos­ing to be the fi­nal tester so he could de­fend his ti­tle. Out­side, there was a truck show and also a sec­ond dyno that was rolling all day thanks to the North­west Dyno Cir­cuit (NWDC) that had its own group of classes. With the rollers on the Mus­tang and Su­per­flow dynos warmed up, it was time to hit it!

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