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five-speed slush­box has proven ca­pa­ble of har­ness­ing 550 hp and 1,000 lb-ft or more for ex­tended pe­ri­ods of time in stock form, and its re­ten­tion re­quired no ad­di­tional in­te­gra­tion work. The one reinforcement the 5R did re­ceive was a bil­let in­put shaft. Once power makes its way through the Torqshift, an SCS Gear­box quick-change trans­fer case trans­fers it to the front and rear mil­i­tary axles.

The 12-Day Hus­tle

Be­lieve it or not, Hilde­brand’s Su­per Duty went from daily driver to mega truck in less than two weeks’ time. Dur­ing the speedy build, Hud­son’s Weld­ing fab­ri­cated the sub-frame, cra­dle and four-link sus­pen­sion, 18-inch-travel F-O-A coilover shocks and limit chains were added, 5-ton Rock­wells re­placed the fac­tory 10.5 and Dana 60, and 66-inch trac­tor tires mounted to 34x18-inch 10-lug wheels were bolted up. From start to fin­ish, the en­tire build con­sumed just 12 days.

Never Lift

Just like the quick turn­around time em­ployed dur­ing the course of the build,

 For the most cost-ef­fec­tive means of stop­ping this be­he­moth, pin­ion brakes are uti­lized front and rear. The 12-inch ro­tors were built by Red Barn Cus­toms and the calipers and brack­ets came from Wil­wood En­gi­neer­ing.  The truck’s one-off sus­pen­sion...

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