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I have run into a prob­lem find­ing a set of “cool” wheels and tires for my 10-year-old GMC diesel pickup, and was won­der­ing if you could ei­ther of­fer an opin­ion or point me in the right di­rec­tion for find­ing a de­cent set of wheels and tires.

I pur­chased my new-to-me truck about two months ago and I got a good enough deal that I had enough left over for wheels. (I had cho­sen the Helo Maxx 8 16s along with the Bridge­stone Dueler A/T REVO 2 LT265/75R16.) I later heard that the Helo Maxx 8 16 won’t fit the 2500HD be­cause of brake caliper in­ter­fer­ence. You can use these wheels if you put a spacer on them, but I’d rather not. I could go with the Helo Maxx 8 18s, but Bridge­stone does not make a REVO for an 18-inch rim. Chris Whe­lan Via Email As far as the Helo Maxx 8 16s, if they don’t clear the brake calipers, don’t use them. Spac­ers will move the backspac­ing ge­om­e­try out­ward, which usu­ally neg­a­tively af­fects steer­ing (i.e., wan­der­ing, bump-steer or pulling right or left). In­creases in rim width and a pos­si­ble backspac­ing off­set change can af­fect how wide the tires can be and still clear the front wheel well corners in a ful­l­lock turn. On the other hand, the REVO tires are a pop­u­lar choice for the diesel crowd, and they do look great. We rec­om­mend you spend some seat time with the stock wheel and tire sizes so you know how the truck drives as it left the fac­tory. From what we’ve read, GM used the same wheel off­set for all 1988 and newer full-size 1500/2500/3500 sin­gle-rear-wheel pickup trucks and SUVS, which is a pos­i­tive off­set of 30/31mm for all of their fac­tory wheels. The off­set of a wheel is de­fined as the dis­tance from the hub mount­ing sur­face to the cen­ter line of the wheel. GM’S fac­tory off­set puts the ma­chined hub sur­face of the wheel 30/31mm closer to the out­side of the wheel, as mea­sured from the cen­ter­line of the to­tal wheel rim width. Fac­tory GM wheel off­set and backspac­ing: 16 x 6.5” wheel = +30mm pos­i­tive off­set, 5” backspac­ing 17 x 7.5” wheel = +31mm pos­i­tive off­set, 5.5” backspac­ing 18 x 8” wheel = +31mm pos­i­tive off­set, 5.7” backspac­ing 20 x 8.5” wheel = +31mm pos­i­tive off­set, 5.9” backspac­ing The 16- and 17-inch GM fac­tory wheels are pro­duced for the 2500s, while the 18- and 20-inch wheels are for the 1500s. So, one op­tion is to get a set of 17-inch wheels hav­ing a +30/31mm pos­i­tive off­set. Also, the Bridge­stone Dueler A/T tires are avail­able in 17 inches. As pop­u­lar as these trucks are you shouldn’t have any trou­ble find­ing wheels that suit you. Good luck.

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