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The cabin trim re­mains fac­tory spec, but the stereo was pumped up by Ex­treme Of­froad & Per­for­mance in Katy, Texas, with a full com­ple­ment of Kicker hard­ware: Q-class com­po­nent speak­ers in cus­tom pods mounted to the doors, dual 12-inch Comp RT subs in a cus­tom en­clo­sure in the rear. The bed also fea­tures a Bed­slide and power Re­trax ton­neau cover to seal it off from the el­e­ments when it isn’t work or show time. In the pho­tos you’ll see an­other quar­tet of Kicker subs mounted on cus­tom nerf bar bolted to the slide.

Out of ev­ery­thing he and the STMW team over­came and ac­com­plished dur­ing the course of the build, Stephens is most proud of the fact that it came to­gether en­tirely in his home state. “The truck was never sent out of state,” he says. “The sus­pen­sion was built and in­stalled by STMW in Texas. Au­dio and paint in Texas. Per­for­mance in Texas. Photo shoot in Texas. Har­vey couldn’t stop us.”

To­day the Su­per Duty is not Tyler Stephens’ only ride, but it does see use on a reg­u­lar ba­sis. “It’s not daily driven but I do use it,” he says. “I would say it’s used as a truck—i took it to the ranch a few weeks ago, put feed in the back of it. I use the heck out of that Bed­slide. And we drive it to ev­ery show.”

In­ter­est­ingly, Stephens doesn’t seem to be your typ­i­cal truck mod­i­fier who can’t bring him­self to call a project “done.” Aside from some pos­si­ble light­ing up­grades to the fac­tory lamps, he feels that this truck project is pretty well com­plete. “It’s per­fect,” he says. “I like it the way it is. To be hon­est, I can’t think of any­thing else to do to it.”

 Com­bined with the 40-inch tires, Eibach coils wound over 12-inch-travel dampers and 12-inch-travel smooth-body re­serve shocks help hoist this beast a good three feet into the air. The STMW lift has an ar­ray of cus­tom-fab­ri­cated bits that hold it all to­gether, in­clud­ing CNC’D lower coilover mounts and a CNC’D ta­pered sleeve for the axle end of the heavy duty track bar.

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