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In drag rac­ing, speed and quick­ness are the top pri­or­i­ties. In the 14 months or so that Rawl­ings Barnes and the team at Rudy’s Diesel Per­for­mance have been run­ning their new 2WD Pro Mod, they can al­ready lay claim to be­ing the quick­est and fastest Power Stroke diesel drag racer in the known world. They are still di­al­ing in the truck, fine-tun­ing the per­for­mance and get­ting used to driv­ing it, but as of our press time the best pass they have recorded is 4.78 sec­onds at 152 mph in the eighth mile.

The Foun­da­tion

Like most Pro Mod rac­ers, this truck started out as a pile of steel tub­ing that was chopped, bent, notched and welded into a strong tube chas­sis. The tube chas­sis was fab­ri­cated by Elite Fab and De­sign and is wrapped in GTS Fiber­glass & De­sign body com­po­nents that in­clude a one-piece front clip, doors and bed­sides. Only the steel cab from a donor 2008 Su­per Duty re­mains. The Nhra-cer­ti­fied roll cage uses a funny car style safety co­coon around the Sparco PRO-ADV seat that Barnes calls home while he’s blast­ing down the track. The 6.4L Power Stroke is set back deep in the front of the chas­sis to bet­ter bal­ance the weight of the truck.

The Power Stroke mill, con­trolled by a Motech stand­alone con­troller, cur­rently churns out around 1,200-1,300 hp, but the en­gine is built to han­dle and make much more than that. The team is slow­ing turn­ing up the power nearly each time they take it out. The 2008 6.4L Power Stroke block and crank are com­pletely stock, but the crank swings a set of Rudy’s bil­let forged rods and Mahle forged pis­tons through the cylin­der bores. The block is capped with a pair of fac­tory cylin­der heads that were ported by Elite Diesel, and they use Rudy’s valve


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