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springs and pushrods to ac­tu­ate the valves with in­put from the Colt cam. An MPD bil­let alu­minum ma­chined in­take man­i­fold tops the en­gine.

Fuel Suppy

The fuel sys­tem starts in the rear of the chas­sis with a small fab­ri­cated alu­minum fuel cell. A pair of cus­tom Air­dog pumps send fuel through a fil­ter and up to a pair of Rudy’s K16 high-pres­sure in­jec­tion pumps. The high-pres­sure fuel is de­liv­ered into the en­gine through a set of large Dynomite Diesel Per­for­mance in­jec­tors. A shot of ni­trous ox­ide from a Ni­trous Ex­press sys­tem is plumbed in as well, but the team is not lean­ing heav­ily on the spray as of yet.

Air Sup­ply

To keep up with the fuel, a sin­gle Pre­ci­sion Turbo S475 75mm tur­bocharger is re­mote mounted in front of the en­gine. The com­pres­sor draws in fresh air from out­side of the en­gine bay through an 8.75-inch Vi­brant Bell­mouth Ve­loc­ity Stack and pol­ished alu­minum 5-inch tub­ing chan­neled di­rectly into the turbo.

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