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Then the com­pressed charge is fed into a C&R Rac­ing Ice Bar­rel In­ter­cooler that uses about five pounds of dry ice per pass to cool the in­take charge. It runs with­out the added weight of a wa­ter-toair in­ter­cooler setup that re­quires an ice/wa­ter tank, pump and heat ex­changer. Af­ter be­ing cooled down, the in­take charge is chan­neled into the front of the MPD alu­minum in­take man­i­fold and down into the Power Stroke en­gine.

On the ex­haust side, cus­tom stain­less steel tubu­lar head­ers were fab­ri­cated to chan­nel the spent ex­haust gases for­ward to­ward the sin­gle turbo. A pair of 45mm Tur­bosmart waste­gates is em­ployed to keep the large turbo from get­ting un­ruly. Af­ter spool­ing the tur­bine, spent gases are di­rected sky­ward through the hood via a stain­less steel stack that pops through a fab­ri­cated, pol­ished alu­minum stack mounted to the hood.

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A pair of Strange coilover struts that were built by Men­scer Mo­tor­sports use PAC springs to sup­port the weight of the front of the truck, while the rear is sup­ported by a set of coilovers that were also set up by the team at Men­scer. With an ad­justable four-link setup and a wish­bone to keep the axle cen­tered in the chas­sis, along with a Mark Wil­liams dou­ble-splined sway bar, the

 A C&R Rac­ing Ice Bar­rel In­ter­cooler is plumbed be­tween the com­pres­sor out­put and the in­take man­i­fold. It’s de­signed to keep in­take air temps down with­out adding a lot of weight, since it uses dry ice rather than a wa­ter tank with ice and pumps. To keep the Power Stroke en­gine cool, a C&R ra­di­a­tor is em­ployed along with a pair of SPAL elec­tric fans for good air­flow.  Look­ing at the top of the 6.4L en­gine you’ll see that it is capped off with a cus­tom-ma­chined MPD man­i­fold and uses twin Rudy’s K16 in­jec­tion pumps, one un­seen in the stock lo­ca­tion at the back of the val­ley and the other up front. Nathannial De­long fab­ri­cated a sim­pli­fied belt-drive setup to save weight over the fac­tory since the other ac­ces­sories are not needed.

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