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With the fuel sys­tem ca­pa­ble of sup­port­ing some se­ri­ous power, it was time to turn to air­flow. The fac­tory tur­bocharger wasn’t go­ing to hack it, so Mof­ford re­placed it with a 69mm SX-E turbo from Borg­warner and added in a Stain­less Diesel Per­for­mance in­take and 5-inch Flo Pro ex­haust. Tun­ing came in the form of a cus­tom EFILIVE pro­gram by Star­lite Diesel.

Mak­ing power is one thing, but get­ting it to the ground is an­other. Mof­ford wanted to make sure he was able to use the power he had, and the fac­tory Al­li­son stood lit­tle chance of sur­vival be­hind the mod­i­fied Duramax, es­pe­cially be­cause the truck was putting its 700 horses through 42-inch tires. There was no doubt about it; the trans­mis­sion needed an up­grade. It was Mof­ford’s neigh­bor down the road, Dim­itri Mil­lard at No Zone Diesel, who came to the res­cue. No Zone strength­ened the Al­li­son in a num­ber of ar­eas in­ter­nally and was also able to se­lect a con­verter com­bi­na­tion that would work well with the el­e­vated ride height and tall tires.

Af­ter nearly a year of plan­ning and hard work, Nick Mof­ford was ready to hit the road in his unique show truck. Be­cause of the truck’s up­graded en­gine that makes a lot more power than an av­er­age show truck, as well as larger wheels and tires and even a pow­der­coated frame, Mof­ford might have gone a lit­tle far with his new­est build.

But isn’t that what hot-rod­ding is all about?

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