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Ask any 7.3L Power Stroke owner how long the en­gine is ex­pected to last and the an­swer will be some­thing along the lines of half a mil­lion miles, 10 more years, or for­ever. And while the lat­ter might be true for many of the com­po­nents bolted to the 7.3L, age and ex­po­sure to the el­e­ments tends to take its toll on the ven­er­a­ble V8’s oil pan. It’s com­mon for a rusted pan to even­tu­ally de­velop a small leak—but it’s even more com­mon to find oil seep­ing out of the fac­tory dip­stick adapter, which we’ll cover in this ar­ti­cle.

What Hap­pens

Over time, the dip­stick adapter’s in­ter­nal O-ring swells, some­times even sev­er­ing, al­low­ing en­gine oil to slip past it. The re­sult is an en­gine with an oil pan and starter that are per­pet­u­ally coated in oil, and oil stains on the ground ev­ery­where you park the truck. Tight­en­ing the adapter nut only dis­torts the in­side por­tion of the adapter fur­ther, and home re­pairs made with RTV sealant or JB Weld are any­thing but a sound so­lu­tion. To add in­sult to in­jury, re­plac­ing the fac­tory dip­stick adapter calls for re­moval of the oil pan, which means the en­gine must be pulled. The sit­u­a­tion puts bud­get-minded 7.3L own­ers in quite a predica­ment.

The Fix

De­vel­oped as a long-term so­lu­tion for a grow­ing prob­lem, the folks at Strictly Diesel de­signed a dip­stick adapter re­pair kit for ’94.5-03 7.3L-pow­ered pick­ups, vans, and Ex­cur­sions. The kit elim­i­nates the fail­ure-prone fac­tory dip­stick adapter al­to­gether, re­plac­ing it with a bil­let alu­minum adapter that uti­lizes a dou­ble O-ring seal on the out­side of the oil pan. The best part? It can be in­stalled with the oil pan still on the en­gine and the en­gine still in the truck. To find out ex­actly how Strictly Diesel’s dip­stick adapter re­pair kit works, we sat in on an in­stall at Flynn’s Shop in Alexan­der, Illi­nois, where a 22-year-old F-350 was be­ing graced with one.

 This is a text­book ex­am­ple of what a failed dip­stick adapter O-ring leads to: The pas­sen­ger side and bot­tom of the oil pan, the starter, and the trans­mis­sion lines are all coated with en­gine oil.

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