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OWNER: Bran­don In­di­viglio

HOME­TOWN: Boca Ra­ton, Florida

ODOME­TER: 208,000 miles

EN­GINE: 7.3L Power Stroke w/riffraff Diesel Per­for­mance de-lipped fac­tory pis­tons, Comp Cams 910 valve springs, Smith Brothers chro­moly pushrods, ARP head studs, Mishi­moto alu­minum ra­di­a­tor, DIY crank­case vent w/moroso catch can

FUEL: Swamp’s Diesel Per­for­mance 300/200 hy­brid in­jec­tors, Irate Diesel Per­for­mance elec­tric fuel sup­ply sys­tem w/fue­lab Prodigy pump & reg­u­lated re­turn

OIL: Full Force Diesel dual HPOP pump kit w/fac­tory HPOP over Dieselsite Adren­a­line

AIR: Borgwarner S369 SX-E w/stain­less Diesel turbo blan­ket, Irate Diesel Per­for­mance T4 turbo mount­ing sys­tem, Beans Diesel Per­for­mance bil­let in­take plenums, Mishi­moto in­ter­cooler

EX­HAUST: MBRP 4-inch stain­less sys­tem w/7-inch tip, 3-inch Irate Diesel Per­for­mance downpipe

TUN­ING: Power Hun­gry Per­for­mance Hy­dra Chip w/ Jelibuilt Per­for­mance cus­tom tun­ing

TRANS­MIS­SION: Dieselsite Leg­endary E4OD with bil­let triple-disc torque con­verter, Mag-hytec deep pan, B&M Per­for­mance uni­ver­sal trans­mis­sion cooler

HORSE­POWER: 579 hp (dyno)

TORQUE: 1,108 lb-ft (dyno)

WHEELS: 18x10 Moto Metal MO962

TIRES: 275/65R18 Fire­stone Trans­force HT (street),

30x14 M&H Race­mas­ter slicks (track)

AXLES/SUS­PEN­SION: Yukon Griz­zly locker, 3.55 gears (rear), Com­plete Per­for­mance 2-inch lev­el­ing kit (front), Rancho RS5000 shocks (front & rear), Greer Fab­ri­ca­tion weld-on trac­tion bars

 Fuel sup­ply for the in­jec­tors comes by way of a stan­dard OBS elec­tric fuel sys­tem from Irate Diesel Per­for­mance, although In­di­viglio up­graded the lift pump to a Prodigy unit from Fue­lab. Now—and be­cause he started out with Irate’s stan­dard OBS fuel sys­tem, which re­tains the fac­tory fuel se­lec­tor valve—he’s still able to use both OEM tanks. Fuel sup­ply pres­sure, which is reg­u­lated on the re­turn side via an ad­justable Fue­lab reg­u­la­tor, is set at 68 psi.

 In­stead of rout­ing a crank­case vent hose along the frame and un­der the driver’s door, In­di­viglio pieced to­gether his own crank­case vent, com­plete with a Moroso catch can. The catch can mounts un­der the back seat on the pas­sen­ger-side frame rail.

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