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We also wanted to up­grade the grille with Rough Coun­try’s pow­der­coated mesh insert. The two-piece grille insert was a lit­tle more la­bor-in­ten­sive than our other up­grades, since the stock grille shell had to be cut and mod­i­fied to al­low the new insert to fit. Luck­ily, il­lus­trated in­stal­la­tion in­struc­tions were in­cluded and we were able to tackle this job in about two hours’ time. The end re­sult was well worth the time in­vested, as that tex­tured stealth black grille ties in nicely with the Bull Bar and the matte-black wheels on the truck.

The fi­nal piece to the puz­zle was a set of painted Bowtie badges we sourced from Get Lit Cus­tomz. In a world full of vinyl de­cals and ve­hi­cle wraps, it’s nice to find some­one still in­vest­ing the time and ef­fort to do cus­tom paint­work for their cus­tomers. We used two brand-new fac­tory badges we sourced from the Chevy dealer, dis­as­sem­bled and prepped for paint. Us­ing the truck’s paint code once again and some cus­tom mask­ing tech­niques, Get Lit Cus­tomz was able to spray a su­per-cool Amer­i­can flag in­spired de­sign on each Bowtie that looks re­ally clean on the truck once the badges are in­stalled. The badges are also clear-coated, so they’ll stand up to the el­e­ments over time and we won’t have to worry about any­thing like a vinyl de­cal fad­ing, de­te­ri­o­rat­ing, or peel­ing off at the car­wash.

 The crew at Au­to­mo­tivetouchup used our truck’s spe­cific paint code to mix the base color in the spray cans they sent. This helped make sure we got a nearper­fect match on the flares once they are wet-sanded, cleared, and in­stalled on the truck. Again, we went with four coats to make sure the cov­er­age was even on all four flares. In the right light you can re­ally see the metal­lic com­ing out of this paint.

 After scuff­ing the flares and ap­ply­ing two thin coats of ad­he­sion pro­mo­tor, the primer could be ap­plied. We laid down four coats of primer to be sure to get solid cov­er­age and a good foun­da­tion for the base color to ad­here to. You will want to wet-sand the primer be­fore mov­ing on to the base to make sure it goes down smoothly.

 Since our af­ter­mar­ket wheel and tire pack­age sticks out from the fac­tory fen­ders slightly, we wanted to add some bet­ter tire cov­er­age. Rugged Flares from EGR USA of­fer great cov­er­age and fol­low the body lines nicely. With a com­plete paint pack­age from Au­to­mo­tivetouchup we were able to paint-match them our­selves.

 The Au­to­mo­tivetouchup kit comes with ev­ery­thing needed to do pro­fes­sional-style paint­work at home with the sup­plied spray cans. The re­quired clean­ing cloths, dif­fer­ent grits of sand­pa­per, and a spe­cial ad­he­sion pro­mo­tor will help the primer, base coat, and clear coat stick to the fen­der flares.

 The new flares from EGR hug the body nicely and re­quired no drilling to in­stall. Some sim­ple push-clips at­tach the rear flares to the fac­tory fen­der, and the front flares use the in­ner liner mount­ing hard­ware.

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