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from Lans­ing to New York to de­liver a Hill gen­er­a­tor unit. While the trip was suc­cess­ful, eco­nom­i­cal, and un­event­ful, it did not lead to wide­spread use of Hill diesels in mo­tor ve­hi­cles. The Model C did lead to the Type R diesel, which de­buted in 1940, and this en­gine would be the last type built by Hill.

The Type R was sim­i­lar to the Type C but de­stroked to 5.5 inches, and fea­tured in­di­vid­ual camshaft-driven Bosch APF in­jec­tion pumps for each cylin­der rather than an in­line Hill pump. It was of­fered in two- (Model 2R), four- (4R), and six-cylin­der (6R) con­fig­u­ra­tions. The older de­signs were grad­u­ally dis­con­tin­ued as Model R pro­duc­tion was ramped up, and the 1942 Hill cat­a­logs do not show the older en­gines at all.

The Model Rs were of­fered as power gen­er­a­tors or ma­rine propul­sion units. The two-cylin­der dis­placed 106 cu­bic inches and made a max­i­mum of 23 horse­power at 1,800 rpm, with the con­tin­u­ous rat­ing a more modest 17.5 hp at 1,600. The 4R dis­placed 212 cubes, made 51.5 hp at 1,800 max (34 @ 1,600 con­tin­u­ous). The 6R was 318 cu­bic inches and made 78 hp at

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