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• 1×8×96 poplar, 7 boards

• 1×4×96 poplar, 9 boards

• ¾×49×97 Trupan Ul­tra­light or MDF, 8 sheets

• 48×96 maple ve­neer, 3 sheets

• #8 × 2-inch flat­head wood screws

• ¼×2½-inch hex bolts, 9

• ¼-inch hex nuts, 9

• ¼-inch wash­ers, 18

• #10 × 3-inch flat­head wood screws, 4

• Yel­low wood glue

• Per­ma­nent spray ad­he­sive, 2 cans

• Wood putty

• Miter saw or cir­cu­lar saw with fine­tooth blade and straight­edge

• Drill/driver

• Drill bit set, coun­ter­sink, screw-driv­ing bits

• Ran­dom-or­bit san­der with 120-grit and 180-grit sand­pa­per

• Router with flush-cut bit

• Elec­tronic stud fin­der

• Tape mea­sure

• Car­pen­ter square

• Straight­edge

• Level

• Wrench set

• Putty knife

• 1 quart wood stain (We used Min­wax Clas­sic Gray.)

• 1 quart polyuretha­ne (We used Min­wax in satin fin­ish.)


Step 1 From 1×8 poplar boards, cut two pedestal ends (A) and five pedestal sides/ sup­ports (B) to lengths shown in the cut­ting list, be­low. Mark the sup­port lo­ca­tions on the pedestal ends and drill coun­ter­sunk 1/8-inch pi­lot holes. On a flat work sur­face, stand one end and one side on edge. Ap­ply glue and drive #8 × 2-inch wood screws to con­nect the parts. Con­tinue adding sup­ports to the end un­til all five are in po­si­tion. Screw the op­po­site end in place and check that the assem­bly is square.

Step 2 Mea­sure the dimensions of the pedestal and cut an MDF or Trupan Ul­tra­light panel to size for the pedestal top (C). Mark the screw lo­ca­tions on the top of the panel and drill 1/8-inch coun­ter­sunk pi­lot holes. Add glue to the top side and sup­port edges and drive #8 × 2-inch screws to fas­ten the top in place.

Step 3 Fill the coun­ter­sinks with wood putty. Af­ter it dries, sand the sides and ends smooth with 120-grit and then 180-grit sand­pa­per.


Step 1 Cut the plat­form in­side ends (D) and plat­form in­side sup­ports (E) to length for both halves and rip the boards to 21/2 inches wide. Clamp or tape two in­side sup­ports to­gether with the ends flush, and drill 5/16-inch holes through both boards for the bolts that will con­nect the halves. Mark the boards so you can iden­tify the top edge and one end to ori­ent the board later.

Step 2 Mark the in­side sup­port screw lo­ca­tions on the in­side ends and drill 1/8-inch coun­ter­sunk pi­lot holes. As you did with the pedestal, place the end of an in­side sup­port against the face of an in­side end, add glue, and screw to­gether. Re­peat for the re­main­ing in­side sup­ports, add the op­po­site end, and check that the assem­bly is square. Re­peat to make a mir­ror ver­sion for the other plat­form half and check that the bolt holes align.

Step 3 Cut the plat­form sides (F) and plat­form ends (G) to length and rip each part to 31/4 inches wide. Screw a side to the in­side sup­port for each half of the plat­form. Then screw two ends to each plat­form.

Step 4 Cut the plat­form top (H) to fit the frame­work. Mark the screw lo­ca­tions and drill coun­ter­sunk pi­lot holes through the top. Glue and screw the top to the frame­work.

Step 5 Turn the assem­bly over and cut the plat­form bot­tom (I) to fit be­tween the plat­form sides and ends. Mark the screw lo­ca­tions to at­tach the bot­tom to the in­side ends and sup­ports; then drill 1/8-inch coun­ter­sunk pi­lot holes.


Step 1 Cut the head­board sup­ports (J), head­board ends (K), and head­board top and bot­tom (L) to length. Rip the sup­ports to 21/2 inches wide. Rip the ends, top, and bot­tom to 31/4 inches wide. On a flat sur­face, glue and screw from what will be the in­side of the



frame­work to fas­ten a sup­port to an edge and re­peat for the op­po­site head­board edge. Glue and screw the sup­ports and sup­port/ends to the head­board top. Then at­tach the head­board bot­tom and check that the assem­bly is square.

Step 2 Cut the head­board front (N) to fit the frame­work. Mark the mount­ing screw lo­ca­tions and drill coun­ter­sunk pi­lot holes. Glue and screw the front to the sup­ports, ends, and top and bot­tom. Then fill any gaps with putty, let dry, and sand the frame­work faces flush with the head­board front.

Step 3 Cut the head­board mount­ing cleats (M) to length and rip one edge of each board with a 45-de­gree bevel. Screw one of the cleats to the re­cessed edges of the sup­ports at the top back of the head­board with the bevel fac­ing down and the nar­row face of the board against the sup­ports. Set the other board aside un­til you’re ready to in­stall the head­board.

NOTE: You can use the re­cess at the bot­tom of the head­board to ac­com­mo­date the base­board in a bed­room. Use a cir­cu­lar saw to cut away the head­board ends and head­board bot­tom as needed to fit the wall mold­ing.


Step 1 Sand the wood/ve­neered sur­faces lightly with 180-grit sand­pa­per and wipe clean. Ap­ply the stain of your choice to all of the wood/ve­neer and let dry overnight. Then ap­ply three coats of clear fin­ish, sand­ing lightly be­tween coats.

Step 2 To hang the head­board, be­gin by mea­sur­ing from the bot­tom of the head­board to the bot­tom beveled edge of the mount­ing cleat (M). At the cen­ter of where the head­board will go, mea­sure that dis­tance up from the floor along the wall and place a pen­cil mark. Us­ing a level and straight­edge, make a hor­i­zon­tal pen­cil line 741/2 inches long with the height mark at its cen­ter.

Step 3 Use a stud fin­der to lo­cate the wall studs along the line and mark. Place the loose head­board mount­ing cleat (M) against the wall with the bevel fac­ing up and the nar­row face against the wall. Mark the stud lo­ca­tions on the cleat and drill cen­tered 3/16-inch pi­lot holes through the cleat. Place the cleat against the wall with the nar­row-face bevel edge against the pen­cil line and screw it in po­si­tion. Then drop the head­board over the cleat so the two bevels con­nect with each other, hold­ing the head­board firmly against the wall.

Step 4 Cen­ter the pedestal against the head­board.

Step 5 Work­ing on a flat sur­face, lay the two plat­form halves up­side down with the in­side edges touch­ing and bolt holes aligned. Place a ¼-inch washer on a ¼ ×2 ½-inch hex bolt and thread it through a pair of holes in the plat­form in­side sup­ports

(E). Add a sec­ond washer and hex nut. Hand-tighten the bolt and re­peat for the re­main­ing bolts. Check that the edges are even and the plat­form tops (H) are flush, then use a wrench to tighten each bolt.

Step 6 Place the plat­form bot­toms (I) in po­si­tion and screw them in place. Turn the as­sem­bled plat­form right side up and cen­ter it on the pedestal with one end against the head­board. Add a mat­tress and linens, and you’re ready for a good night’s sleep.

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